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After we picked up all the leaves and yard debris our employee is blowing any small debris out of the landscaping bed.

Yard Cleanups In Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, & Nearby Idaho Areas

Get your yard ready for the year with spring and fall cleanups that include debris removal, trimming, landscape bed weeding, and more!

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We offer spring and fall yard cleanups in Kimberly, ID and the surrounding areas like Twin Falls and Jerome.

Yard cleanups are an important way to maintain lawn and landscape health because they clear debris and give your property a once-over to encourage healthy growth during the prime season.

Our crew serves properties in Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, and the nearby areas.

Cleaning up fall leaves during one of our yard cleanup services in Twin Falls.

Yard Cleanups Clear Lawn & Beds of Debris, Refreshes Plants

Yard cleanups reach beyond simple good looks. The process clears debris and excess leaves to allow grass and plants to breathe for proper growth. Trimming back plants and trees and applying fertilizer encourages healthier growing patterns and gives plants the strength to fight off disease and insects. We will also add beautiful annual color during our visits!

Our Cleanup Service Includes Mowing, Trimming, Mulch, Fertilizer, & More

Our yard cleanups are designed to cover all of the bases. We run through your entire property and landscape beds to give it a fresh start. We also offer our yard cleanup services for distressed or overgrown properties in need of attention in Kimberly and nearby Utah areas.

Here is a list of services provided during cleanups:

  • Mowing, string trimming, edging, blowing
  • Landscape trimming
  • Landscape bed weeding
  • Landscape bed reshaping
  • Mulch and rock installation (in spring)
  • Annual flower planting (in spring)
  • Yard debris removal
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Shrub and tree fertilization

During spring cleanups, we can also perform sprinkler system audits to make sure your system is working properly.

Neglecting Yard Cleanup Can Damage Grass, Choke Plants

The purpose of a yard cleanup is to make room for healthy growth and make your property visually appealing. Fertilizer is added to give plants and grass a boost when they need it most. Beds will be reshaped and weeded to bring back the organized look homeowners crave.

If cleanup duties are neglected, lawns and plants will suffer. Grass cannot properly grow when covered in thick leaves. Light, air, and water cannot reach the blades and will cause brown spots or worse. Shrubs, bushes, and other plants can sustain damage from being crowded out by weeds, decreasing the likelihood of blooms during the season.

A property in Jerome where our team is clearing yard debris from an overgrown distressed proprety.

We Also Provide Leaf Removal Service

We offer leaf removal service, which includes blowing or raking leaves to be hauled away. It’s important to remember that too many leaves can choke out plants. The service will keep your lawn looking its best, but also prevents additional mosquito breeding and protects your grass from damage.

Our team collects and hauls away excess leaves during three visits in the fall.

Call today to be placed on our yard cleanup schedule!

Call (208) 608-3586 today to be added to our schedule for fall or spring yard cleanups. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. We serve Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, ID and the surrounding areas.

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