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Close up photo of professionally trimmed shrubs.

Shrub, Hedge, & Bush Trimming In Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, & Nearby Idaho Areas

We maintain the health of your landscape plants and small trees with our regularly scheduled trimming and pruning services.

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Small tree, bush, shrub, and hedge trimming offered in Kimberly, ID and the surrounding areas.

Maintain the health of your plants, bushes, small trees, and hedges with regular trimming done on a monthly basis.

Trimming hedges at a property in Twin Falls, ID.

Trimming and pruning are extremely important in maintaining the health of bushes, trees, shrubs, and hedges. The service provides a better-looking plant, but also encourages long-term health and prevents interference with other plants and property.

We serve customers in Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, and the nearby areas.

Trimming Preserves Shape & Size, Prevents Downed Branches

When done by a trained professional, trimming makes the difference between a decent lawn and a head-turning lawn. Plants grow in the most effective way to reach the sun, water, and air, and sometimes that results in misshapen branches.

This means that shrubs, bushes, and trees will look completely unorganized, with certain branches jutting out and even becoming entangled with other nearby plants, so proper trimming is required to fix it. Trimming also identifies dead or diseased branches, which can be removed before they fall to the ground and become a magnet for pests.

Customers who take part in our annual program will receive trimming service once a month to maintain clean-looking landscaping beds on their property.

Our trimming service maintains the shape and size you desire and opens up the core of the plant to absorb more air, light, and water.

Pruning Maintains Health, Prevents Plant Disease

Small tree being pruned in Jerome, ID.

Pruning differs from trimming in a few ways, though many people confuse them. Trimming is done for looks and branch removal, whereas pruning is done for the health of the plant.

Our crew can spot the early signs of plant disease. Troubled branches are removed to save the plant from being completely infected. Proper pruning also involves selectively removing branches to guide the plant as it grows. The process ensures the overall shape and the mature size that a plant will reach.

There are also methods of pruning that involve winterizing plants by shearing off certain branches to allow them to “heal” to survive the winter. For example, summer and fall trees should be pruned before they become dormant for the winter. Plants that bloom in the spring should be completed after their flowers lose color.

Pruning is done on an as-needed basis, but can also be done once a month or as part of our trimming service. If you have any questions about proper pruning, feel free to contact us.

Common Bushes and Shrubs in our Area Include Holly Dwarf, Burning Bush, and Crimson Pygmy

There are plenty of gorgeous bushes and shrubs that are well-suited for the climate in our region. Our experts can help you choose plants and care for them appropriately. Regardless of what plants you grow on your property, our team is well equipped to manage their trimming and pruning needs for ideal results.

Here is a list of common bushes and shrubs in our part of Utah:

  • Holly Dwarf
  • Burning Bush
  • Crimson Pygmy
  • Boxwood “Wintergreen”
  • Azalea “Christina”
  • Skip Cherry Laurel
  • Barberry Aura

Call today to get more information on our trimming and pruning services.

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