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Close up of our aerator during our spring aeration service.

Aeration & Seeding Services In Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, & Nearby Idaho Areas

Our fall and spring aeration and seeding services help your lawn achieve its optimal health by allowing air and light to reach the soil and revitalize it.

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Fall and spring aeration and seeding services in Kimberly, ID and the surrounding areas.

We can restore your compacted lawn and soil with our aeration and seeding services that will bring new life into your lawn.

Aeration will help this Twin Falls lawn grow healthier and fuller.

Lawn and soil restoration can be achieved on even the roughest of yards with our aeration and seeding services. We have the tools and experience to manage even the worst thatch and soil compaction.

Our services are available in Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome, and the nearby areas.

We Offer Core Aeration in the Fall & Spring

We provide our clients with core aeration services in the fall and spring each year. Core aeration is another term for aeration, and also involves poking holes and removing compacted dirt cores.

After aeration is complete we begin the seeding/overseeding process. We spread a mix of cool season grasses known to thrive in our area, including tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and ryegrass.

It’s important to perform core aeration in the fall to prepare for the winterization of plants and to prepare the grass for cooler temperatures. The spring treatment is important because it will set your lawn up for the growing season with healthy soil that will produce better results.

Our fall aeration service is usually completed in October and our spring service is done in May.

Aeration & Seeding Restores Soil, Reduces Thatch & Compaction

A healthy lawn after aeration in Jerome, ID.

Even the best-kept lawns can be subject to soil compaction from heavy traffic and rains. Thatch can also develop when the dead root systems of nearby plants criss-cross each other, blocking grass and plants from important nutrients needed to survive.

There are three main components to restoring healthy soil:

  1. Aeration: The process of aeration involves a machine called a lawn aerator, which uses mechanical spines to puncture holes in the soil while tilling the dirt. The holes become lifelines for the soil, offering a channel for water, light, and air to reach grass roots. The procedure also stirs up compacted soil, which is better for growth.
  2. Power Raking: The service is done on an as-needed basis. It involves a machine that is designed to break up thatch that has developed beneath the soil. When a lawn has a thatching issue, grass and plants cannot properly take root, and won’t grow full and healthy.
  3. Seeding and Overseeding: Grass seeds are spread after aeration and power raking so they can be delivered into the revitalized soil. The process can be completed on existing lawns or it can be used for a fresh start. Hundreds of seeds are spread throughout, filling in the gaps and enriching your lawn. The result is a thicker, fuller lawn because the soil is prepared for maximum germination.

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